Since our establishment, we have been providing a wide range of international standard GRP products to meet the requirements of various industries.


Pre-formed Manhole Liners, Benching, In-Situ GRP Lining and Ladders

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GRP Pipes and Fittings

GRP Pipes and Fittings manufactured by MEFI conforming to various inte...

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GRP Manhole Liners

The GRP manhole liner is a watertight thermoplastic concrete protectiv...

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GRP Manholes Covers

FRP/GRP manhole covers are 30% lighter, it allows more loading per veh...

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GRP cable trays & ladder

GRP Cable trays, GRP cable ladders and GRP ducting which are manufactu...

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GRP Sealing Plate

It acts as a protective barrier against the release of odours and the...

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Futuristic Fiberglass Solutions for Middle East Market

We design and manufacture customized technical solutions for the improvement of our client productivity and service. Our primary objective is to be with our client, to track the best solution for their internal market.

15+ Years of Experience

We have been striving to provide quality products and services which consistently meet and surpass the standards set by our customers for 15+ years. We achieve our goals by pursuing excellence in the application of a management system & the achievement of quality objectives.

Customized cost-effective solutions

We offer customized and cost-effective fiberglass solutions that meet the exact customer specifications, requirements, and budget.

Highest level of professionalism

Throughout all phases of manufacturing, we follow strict quality control and inspection to assure excellent the highest level of professionalism in our service.

On-time delivery service

Our agile project management services ensure that you get the right solutions at the right time with the optimal transparency in dealings.

Premium quality products

As a bespoke fiberglass moulding company, we are always committed to providing high-quality GRP / fiberglass solutions with a high degree of perfection.


Our high-quality fiberglass products are suited to the high demanding applications of various industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, Power Generation, Construction, and Water Treatment.


Bespoke solutions to stand up to the rigorous environmental conditions in the oil and gas sector.


Sustainable and resilient fiberglass solutions for a range of applications in the marine environment.


Strong, durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and low-maintenance fiberglass solutions for the power generation sector.


Our experts are eager to address your business needs and answer any queries regarding fiberglass solutions in the Middle East.